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The Fire Fighters are always ready to entertain with their hilarious walkabout act. Equipped with a 10ft ladder and pole, they perform live acrobatics, comedy, and slapstick humor that will leave your audience in stitches. Don't miss out on the fun!

Fully electric and self contained this walkabout is perfect for high streets, parades & festivals!

"Pocket sized knockabout comedy on wheels! Charming, delightful and fun!"


− Glastonbury Festival, Theatre & Circus

Video credit: Simon Wild 


A joyful roaming disco extravaganza! Perfect for evening events, Heart Beats is a battery powered comedy DJ booth that will get the party started everywhere it arrives!

Piloted by our two intergalactic DJ’s & with its larger than life DISCO MIRROR HEART & lighting rig, we play all your classic disco bangers with added live percussion! Heart Beats is sure to make you move whilst putting a big grin on your face!

"A fantastic blend of skill and comedy, we look forward to booking them again in the near future"

Mandy Rose, Event Producer – Manningtree Street Festival


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